Earth Defense Force 2017

Earth Defense Force 2017 totally caught me by surprise. It’s average graphics and goofy all around vibe are enough to make you skeptical at first, but after running through the first couple of levels, any negative thoughts you previously had about the game are pretty much wiped away. Okay, so the graphics are passable, though below average from what you’ve come to expect 360 games to look like. They aren’t terrible, but they’re not great. Buildings collapse from a single rocket though, which is a nice touch and a ton o1174407879f fun. Bugs will just go stiff once you kill them, only to disapear seconds later. The main character’s animations are kinda funky, and he totally looks like he dropped a deuce in his drawers. The UFOs and Walking Arms, on the other hand, actually look really cool, and are a blast to blow up. Same story with the sound. The voice acting is alright, but what they actually SAY is hilarious. “What kind of aliens?” “It’s… it’s a bug! A very huge bug!” You can tell that this game didn’t spend very much time in the translation phase of it’s development, because it’s just hilarious! Also, on a completely unrelated note, read the instruction booklet for some real fun. “The Ravagers’ Assault Spiders were engineered to be high-flying, silk-spinning death machines!” Now, the good part of the game: the gameplay. Blowing up crap has never been more fun. With just over 170 weapons to choose from and 53 missions to beat, there is a ton of stuff to do in this game. You run around giant levels, blowing up anything in your path with a variety of machine guns, flamethrowers, rocket and grenade launchers, and even some specialty guns. When killed, some enemies will drop weapon and armor power ups. Each armor powerup adds one point to your permanent health total, and each gun powerup gives you a randomly generated gun after clearing the level. You will literally have to take a breather from the action for a while. (For me, it was because my eyes started hurting from all the lasers…AWESOME!) You will be fighting hundreds of bugs and robots at a time, and it’s just utter chaos, in a good way. The action comes at a price though, as there is some slowdown. It usually goes away after a couple seconds, but it is still there from time to time. There are also FIVE different difficulty settings to play on, so you should be playing this game for a while. A game like EDF is hard to come by these days, so don’t pass this one by.

Final grade: A-


~ by Jeff Nelson on January 22, 2009.

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