x360_crackdown_131When Crackdown first came out, all you seemed to hear about was how it seemed like a nice bonus that came with the Halo 3 beta. Now call me crazy, but I ended up enjoying Crackdown way more than I ever did Halo 3. The one problem that I have consistently had with every sandbox game that I’ve ever played is that I usually have more fun driving cars around, shooting guys, and just exploring the world than I do actually completing the missions. Boy am I lucky, Crackdown is almost the perfect game for me. There literally is no story in this game, other than “there’s a bunch of gangs, they’re fighting for supremecy, KILL THEM ALL!” There are 21 gang leaders scattered across the world, and you can take them down in any order you want. The cool thing about it though, is that if you take down the lower gang members first, the higher ones become easier to kill. For example, taking down the gang member responsible for explosives will get rid of those pesky rocket launchers that the higher gang members use. The action in this game is absolutely amazing, and easily the best part of the game. You have four skill areas to level up: strength, driving, agility, and firearms. By doing something associated with one of these four categories, you gain points, and you can eventually level up each category, making you a mix between the Incredible Hulk and Spiderman by the end of the game. One of the unique parts of this game, and also the most fun, is the superhuman jumping ability that your agent has. This means that you can scale any building in the game, and there are usually agility orbs (which increase your agility level) atop some of the higher buildings. The jumping and climbing mechanics work very well, and it’s always great fun to leap from building to building. The hands-down best part of this game though are the explosions. As you gain some more advanced weapons, a homing missile launcher becomes a part of your arsenal. By locking on to a target, you can blast them into smithereens. Levelingcrackdown-screenshot-_37 up your explosive abilities makes blasts even better. Heck, they even sound amazing, and with the right speakers…oh man! Crackdown is a no-nonsense action game, and I realize that this will turn some people off. Those who give it a chance though, will find an amazingly fun to play game with a huge city to explore and a nice atmosphere to boot. Oh, and there’s online co-op too, making the game that much better.

Final grade: A-


~ by Jeff Nelson on February 10, 2009.

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