Baseball Advance

baseballadvaceBaseball Advance is hands down the best way to play a game of baseball on the go. All teams and players are here, including four real ball parks. There is a great season mode, with the ability to control how many games, innings, etc. The graphics are phenomenal for a GBA game. The hitting mechanics in this game are rather unconventional, and definitely takes some getting used to. You hold down the A button to charge up the swing meter, and when you release it you swing. This means you have to time your button presses with the pitcher, and the best time to begin holding is usually right as the pitcher is in the middle of his windup. Fielding is another great part of this game, and doesn’t really have any flaws. Throwing to the bases is fast and responsive, so you really can’t ask for any more from the fielding. Running the bases also works great. As for hitting, there is a big blue circle in the strike zone that varies in size depending on the hitting ability of the batter, and you have to move it around so that it can lock onto the ball. This can be frustrating at times, and although not bad by any means, hitting is the weakest area of the game. Compared to some other portable baseball games, this one’s a winner.

Final grade: B+


~ by Jeff Nelson on February 19, 2009.

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