Prey follows Tommy, a mechanic of Native American descent. Things start off normal enough. It’s just a normal night at Jen’s (Tommy’s girlfriend) bar with his grandfather. But the shit hits the fan and they’re all abducted by aliens.

Not the welcoming party he was hoping for.

Not the welcoming party he was hoping for.

Sounds like the beginning of a bad movie right? Don’t worry, it’s more fun than it sounds. Tommy soon escapes from the aliens but he is still trapped inside their ship. He starts to desperately search for his grandfather and Jen. Of course this involves killing lots and lots of aliens. One the the cool things about Prey, is the use of portals. This allows enemies to come from just about anywhere. Fun fact, this game had portals before Portal was out. The gravity can also be changed in places. The weapons are different than usual too, they all are organic and you don’t have to reload. Because Tommy is of Native American descent, he can (don’t ask me how) have his spirit leave his body in order to access otherwise unreachable areas. In your spirit form you are also invisible, until you attack someone with your spirit bow. The main feature about the game though is that you can’t really die. When you lose all of your health, you get sent to a spirit dimension where you kill demon things in order to gain life. Afterwords your transported back right where you left off. Although this means no reloading a level, this also means no consequence for dying, which makes enemies about as fearsome as kittens. The story isn’t that great but the environments and creatures make up for it. The online multiplayer doesn’t have much depth, so you won’t be playing it very long.

Final Rating: B-


~ by shadow0knight on March 15, 2009.

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