Resistance 2

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If you’ve read my review of Resistance: Fall of Man, then you’ll know that the first Resistance was fun, yet very challenging. Resistance 2 takes the original and polishes it to perfection. All of the issues from the first game are completely gone in this sequel. There is now the standard health system where you hide behind someth822817-titan_swing_orick_supering and you heal completely, making the game easier. The weapons are also more balanced, it doesn’t take a whole clip to take down one enemy now. Also, weapons with bad secondary functions were changed to have useful ones. This makes the game easier. Resistance 2 takes place in America where American forces are trying to stop the invading Chimera. It’s up to Nathan Hale to save the day yet again. Without ruining the story, there is some amazing moments. Moments that just take your breath away they’re so visually stunning. That and there is some of the biggest boss battles I have ever seen in a game. This game has more WOW factor (this is my opinion) then the first Halo (the best one).

Final Score: A+


cruis’n USA

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This review is written by Wootex, and the original post can be found herecrusin1.

Cruis’n USA’s most distinguishing feature is that it’s pretty hard to spell. It’s a racing game. In the sense that, there are some cars in it, and they race, which qualifies as a type of game. But not in the sense that it is exciting, which the term racing often connotes. There’s very little to make the game remarkable. Though the nearly photo-realistic scenery looks really great, even by today’s standards the scenery repeats about every minute and pops in from a few feet away.

There’s not too much to say here. The game plays fine, but it’s never particularly exciting or unique. I can’t really think of one reason to play it over any other racing game. The highpoint of this game for me was when I drove into a redwood tree, flattened it completely, and then proceeded to drive right over it with nary a loss of speed. The lesson here is: when the highpoint of the racing game you’re playing is driving into trees, you should be playing a better game.

Final grade: D

kung food

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I was told by a loyal reader that I am no longer allowed to review games that I find enjoyable. That is fair enough though, because I sure have enough crappy games to write about. Like Kung Food. Oh, Kung Food. This game manages to take one of the coolest concepts ever and then completely destroy it with abysmal control and gameplay. You control a large, muscular, green vegetable man (the Jolly Green Giant, mayhaps?) The first levels throws you into a freezer populated with vegetables. These are not your average vegetablkungfoodes though, THEY ARE OUT TO KILL YOU MAN! Carrots, tomatoes, peas, even icicles with legs are all out to get you. Sounds pretty cool right? Well yeah, but once you actually start playing the game you realize that it is utter crap. Kung Food is a side scrolling brawler, similar to Streets of Rage, which should make it awesome, but there are some SERIOUS problems with the gameplay. First off, it is impossible to hit any enemies unless you are lined up perfectly with them. Second, the icicle enemies’ attack is making icicles rise up from the ground, resulting in massive damage, and these attacks are near impossible to avoid. It’s hard to even make it past the first level in this game. It’s too bad, because with a little tweaking and balancing, Kung Food could have been a classic.

Final grade: F

serious sam

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serious-sam-xbox-2Serious Sam does a great job of capturing the feel of the great 90’s shooters like Doom and Wolfenstein 3D. Levels are huge, enemies are plentiful, there are tons of different powerful weapons, treasure to collect, secret passageways, hidden weapons, and most importantly, cheesy one-liners everywhere. Serious Sam has minimal controls, but they work well. There’s your shoot button, jump button, and weapon switch button. There are some great and varied weapons in this game, and all of them are very powerful. Blasting through the enemies with these bad jacksons is always satisfying. Enemies are pretty wild, from kamikaze creatures that scream while running towards you and blow up when shot to giant gatling gun wielding scorpions. The intensity in this game is something that’s missing in most shooters released today. Dozens of enemies will be attacking from all angles, and given the serious choices in firepower you have, these situations are always great. This game almost feels like a modern-day Smash T.V. or Total Carnage. What really makes this game great is the inclusion of split screen co-op so you and a buddy share in the mayhem. This game’s frantic pace, heavy duty weapons, arcade feel, and awesome co-op make it an awesome way to spend a weekend.

Final grade: B+

Resistance: Fall of Man

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resistance-fall-of-man-8I’m going to say this now before I say anything else, this is not a game for inexperienced gamers, I repeat, this is NOT a game for inexperienced gamers. This is one of the hardest if not the hardest fps I’ve ever played. Now I can continue. In an alternate time line taking place before WWII, a new threat has emerged and it is known as the Chimera. Little is known about the Chimera, except that they were once human and that they were infected with the Chimera virus. For years the Chimera have been causing havoc in Europe, and now America has troops to aid the European forces. You play as an American soldier, Nathan Hale, who is later infected with the virus, but does not become a Chimera. This game uses a health meter system, which is okay, but it only makes the game that much harder. All weapons have a secondary function. Some are useful, others, not so much. You’ll usually use a whole clip on one enemy, and when your surrounded by thirty enemies, that’s bad news for you. The weapons are under-powered. I was able to get through most of the game though with no trouble, that is until I got toward the end, where the difficulty shot up through the stratosphere. There is online and co-op for this game but I haven’t played either.

Final Score: B


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F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault Recon) is one of those games that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. Only to fall out of it (actually happened to someone I know). The story is this, Alma, a little girl who just happens to be psychic, was locked away by a corporation. The corporation studied Alma and created psychic controlled soldiers. Unfortunately, the man that controls these soldiers, Paxton Fettal, has started rampaging around and you have to stop him. The suspense is palpable in F.E.A.R., a light flickers and goes out, a ghostly figure walks past the door ahead, etc. Alma often visits you via her psychic powers, and often times the area around you can change drastically and leave you feeling disoriented, but in a good way. The environments aren’t very varied though, you’ll be walking through a lot of office building. Now onto combat, first things first, the AI is very intelligent, and is still some of the best AI out there even though this game is several years old. You’ll often be surrounded by enemies, but you have one thing they don’t, the ability to slow down time. It seems like every game has slow-mo now a days, but F.E.A.R. is one of those few games that it actually works. There is a diverse selection of weapons to use. Some of my favorites are: the shotgun which can turn enemies into a fine blood mist, the nailgun which can pin enemies to the wall, and the lazer gun which leaves nothing but a bloody skeleton. I can’t talk about combat without mentioning the awesome hand to hand combat, you can do everything from a roundhouse kick, sliding kick, jumping kick, or just for a punch. The online is pretty basic, it is very fast paced and you will die a lot. If the online was a bit better a would have given this a better score.

Final Score: A-

PS: If anyone else has a girlfriend who plays video games, this is worth picking up.

Condemned: Criminal Origins

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Let’s face it: the majority of 360 launch titles sucked. Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero weren’t exactly shining examples of the technology. Out of all the titles available at launch, Condemned stands out as the best, and it may even be one of the best horror games. You take the role of Ethan Thomas, a cop investigating a series of serial murders. when he is suddenly framed for the murder of 2 police officers. You spend the game chasing the man who 259009-ss_11617framed you and generally getting the shit scared out of you. Believe me when I tell you Condemned will make you jump out of your seat more than once. The department store level is, in my opinion, the most well-constructed scare factory in the history of survival horror. The gameplay all takes place in a first-person view, with an emphasis on melee combat. This part of the game is extremely well done, with every swing of a pipe or 2×4 conveying a realistic sense of weight and impact. There are guns littered throughout the game, but the aiming and general feel of the firearms makes sure you stick to the melee weapons for the most part. Since you play as a police officer, you will sometimes be required to investigate crime scenes, although this is relegated mostly to pressing the X button when prompted and shining a light on some blood, taking away any puzzle-solving element whatsoever. As a total package, Condemned is a great first-person action game, and one of the top survival horror games of all time.

Final Grade: A-